Black Hole Series (2009) — Video installation


I create a rupture in space by projecting light onto a custom-cut screen, depicting a swirling black hole -- simultaneously both a site of erasure and a journey into the unknown. Crudely rendered 3D objects from a leopard-skin couch to a trombone to a life preserver drift towards the center in a univeral act of discard.

This video installation uses the black hole as a metaphor of a void space, which acts simultaneously as a site of erasure and a passageway to the unknown. Each of manifestation of this piece is projected onto a screen custom cut to represent a rupture in space. The cartoon-like shape captures images of crudely rendered 3D objects drifting towards a swirling center.

Objects representing excess in our daily lives drift into possible nothingness, realizing a common desire to de-clutter. From a leopard-skin love seat to a life preserver to the cheap laptops, these are possessions that capture feelings of encumbrance. In this universal act of discard, the weight is lifted through the screen into negation.