After Thought (2010) — Portable Testing Kit and Custom Video


After Thought is a portable personality testing kit, which uses flashcards and brainwave analysis to test stress and relaxation levels. After the session, I feed the results into my custom software which generates a unique video edit to reflect the subject’s emotional composition.

During the interview, participants wear an EEG-reading headset, which indicates states of relaxation and anxiety in response to visual stimuli. As they slowly turn over placards of charged imagery such as a house on fire, a person yelling and a bottle of pills, I track their responses on a standard form.

At the conclusion of the session, I feed the responses into After Thought Generator — software that I have written which algorithmically creates a unique 5-minute video from a library of 200 clips. The software defines a video lexicon and specific linkage of metaphorical imagery such as a baby sleeping, rain hitting the sidewalk and a beating anatomical heart.

The final edit is thus perfect in its form and immersive in its quality. It acts as a silent emotional reflector, aligning the subject to a visual montage similar to subconscious dream states.